Examination of the admissions process and admissions outcomes of a college of pharmacy in the United States of America

Benjamin Lewing, Ruta Sawant, Matthew Wanat, Sujit S Sansgiry


Objective: This study examined the admissions process used for candidate selection in a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) programme in Texas, United States and evaluated the process’s outcomes.

Methods: Two years of Pharm.D. admissions data (2015 and 2016) were used. Applicants were divided into three groups: (i) early decision (ED); (ii) auto selected for interview (auto-IV); and (iii) reviewed by committee prior to interview (to committee, RTC). These groups were compared based on their admission’s characteristics, the final outcome of their application, and first-year performance.

Results: From the combined data, a total of 968 complete applications were examined, out of which 160 were ED, 449 were auto-IV, and 408 were RTC. Among ED and auto-IV applicants, 110 (68.8%) and 273 (60.8%) were offered admission, respectively. Among the RTC applicants, 91 (22.3%) were interviewed and 30 (7.4%) were offered admission. Out of 18 RTC applicants that completed a full year of pharmacy school, first-year Grade Point Average mean (SD) was 2.99 (0.38) compared to all other applicants, 3.25 (0.49).

Conclusion: The auto-interview selection criteria used by the admission committee serves as an efficient screening tool for selecting well-performing applicants. Committee review and evaluation time did not lead to efficient outcomes and could be reviewed for optimisation.


College Of Pharmacy; Admissions Process; Admissions Outcomes; Pharmacy Education; Pharmacy Admissions; Pharmacy School

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